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Jersey is a small country found off the coast of Northern France. Although the United Kingdom defends Jersey, the country has its own parliamentary democracy under the British Crown, with no other tie-ins to the UK. Even though Jersey is not part of the European Union, for trade purposes, they are part of the European Community.

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Jersey is a small island off the coast of Northern France which includes two other smaller uninhabited islands. Under the British Crown, Jersey is a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy. It is the largest of the Channel Islands.

Its sole tie to the United Kingdom is that the UK is responsible for their defense, and nothing else. Jersey is internationally recognized of its own accord. Though they are not officially in the European Union, they are considered a part of the European Community largely for trade purposes.

The country is under a unicameral legislature of 51 members. They are broken down into senators, which are elected statewide, and constables and deputies, which are locally voted upon. All serve four year terms. In addition to this there are five members appointed by the Crown. The government is officially called the Council of Ministers. There are 12 parishes located on the island.

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